Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A meaningful reunion

Meeting with an old friend,catching up is really fun indeed. today my fellow colleague come to Irbid and we had the chance to meet up at a local coffee shop for a chat. It was indeed really nice to be able to see an old friend, reminiscing of or past, laughing at our old selves and discussing about our present and future not forgetting other stuff.

Aiman Rosli aka Papa Aiman as we use to call him cause he's the first from our batch to get married and have a kid. He comes to Irbid once again chauffeuring new students this time around. 'I still remember the times we ate Hazim's famous chicken with salt during one of the Ramadhan we spent here together' says him whilst enjoying Jordan's famous 3aseer Shummam (Honeydew juice)

Three old school Irbid scholars, three different backgrounds, three different past but sharing at the same table. We are from the MEP5 batch.

Yes as playful and fun as it gets chit chatting with them, we do gain more than we could ask from this simple meeting. For me the thought and company of my own batch, the news from them from afar, knowing how their life today makes me feel so happy and i look forward for what mine is to come. I think this is what they call the process of maturity.