Wednesday, August 01, 2012

How should I say this

Good news, i am back to blogging. Not really sure of what i'm gonna write and why i decide to write again, maybe i just need the practice or subconsciously i miss it, well whatever it is i am glad i am back. Clearly it has been too long since I last write anything at all. Even notes i rarely write and even if I did, i don't think I can call it writing though.

I feel a bit rusty with blogging maybe since I been seeing other people's blog and they're so mature and purposeful made me feel like a toddler. lol (here I go again) Anyhow I should think what to write so that i don't make a fool out of myself again yeah. (the 'yeah' part due to recent watchlist of Gordon Ramsay's TV shows)

Here's a bonus form my first post since too long - a picture from my trip to Wadi Mujib last June.


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